H.E. Mr. Issoufou Mahamadou has presented his best wishes for 2021 to the Nation, reviewing the highlights of 2020 and expectations for 2021. He concludes his presentation with:

“My dear fellow citizens,

2020 has been a horrible year. During this year we have suffered from terrorism and organized crime, we have suffered from flooding, we have suffered from covid19. Fortunately, we are a resilient people who have experienced and overcome other hardships in the past. As in the past, we will overcome these new trials, for we are a peaceful and united people. We have just demonstrated this at the occasion of the organization of the two double ballots. It makes us stronger, more respected by the rest of the world. This allows us to look into the future with great hope. This makes our participation, at the global level, more credible in the debate on the post-COVID recovery for a more human, more just and more united world.

I wish the year 2021 was better than 2020.

Happy new year to everyone.”