Nordic countries and Niger

The distance between the Nordic countries and Niger is only few thousand kilometres. Despite that, the countries are practically at the diametrical opposite in terms of climate and living conditions: the Nordic countries being cold and wet and Niger hot and dry. Niger is landlocked country while, the Nordic countries are very much sea based with all major settlements and capitals along the coastal areas. On the other hand, at the exception of Denmark, the Nordic countries share the large areas and long distances with very low population density in large parts of the countries.


Historically, there has been little exchanges between the Nordic countries and Niger, but during the last forty years, relations have developed gradually both within development cooperation and within cultural and scientific activities. Also, commercial activities have developed positively even if they remain relatively limited. At the same time, the number of Niger nationals having established them self, temporary or permanently in the Nordic countries has grown from nearly none to, up to two hundred, distributed over the Nordic countries.