Visa application for Niger

Visa applicants must be Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, or Icelandic citizens or of a foreign nationality, with residence or business relations in any of these countries.

All communication with the Embassy regarding visa applications should preferably be made by email to

Please apply for the visa at least two to three weeks before departure.


Niger Visa Application Requirements

  1. The original Passport,
  2. The original visa application form filled in with passport size photo on it and signed by the applicant,
  3. An invitation letter stating the purpose of the stay/mission in Niger from the organization in charge of the stay or having required the mission
  4. The Visa fees

Concerning 1:

The passport must have a minimum validity of 6 months.

Concerning 2:

The Visa Application Form DK01072018 must be used.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure the information (name, date of birth, passport number, etc.) on your application form matches EXACTLY the information on your passport. Any discrepancies will result in delays to your application submission.

Concerning 3:

In case of a family visit, please provide the name and contact details of the family visited.

Concerning 4:

Fee for single entry:             DKK 550,-

Fee for multiple entries:      DKK 850,-

Only bank transfers to the bank account indicated below are accepted and the receipts for payments must be attached to the visa application.

For bank transfers from accounts outside Denmark,
please add DKK 50,- per transfer
 to take into account the bank charges in the Danish bank.

Any application with a shortage in the required fees will not be attended to.
Application fees are NOT REFUNDABLE if the application is unsuccessful.

Bank transfers has to be made to the account:
Reg. no : 0111
Account no : 6889847091

For bank transfers from accounts outside Denmark and only for transfers from accounts outside Denmark:
IBAN : DK5720006889847091
Swiftadresse: NDEADKKK

On the bank transfer, you must state the name(s) of the person or persons applying for the visa.


Speeding up the visa application process

In order to speed up the processing of the visa application, before submitting your original documents, we recommend that you send us, as soon as possible,

following attachments in PDF (photocopy quality) by e-mail to

  1. The copy of the passport information page
  2. The filled in and signed visa application form with photo ID on it
  3. The invitation letter


To access the application form, click on the image above

Forwarding and collection of Passports

  • Applicants are responsible for the forwarding and collecting of their passports
  • In case where mail services are used, registered mail has to be used.
  • The Embassy does not take the responsibility for posting or sending passports unless a stamped envelope (stamped at registered mail rate) with the return address has accompanied the application.

Complementary information:

  • The certificate of yellow fever vaccination is required at the entrance of Niger
  • Visas are valid for a period of three (3) months from the date of issuing.

The Consular Services at the embassy in Copenhagen are primarily open Tuesday and Thursday from 10 AM to 2 PM or by appointment.

The Consular Services are at your disposal for any information or to facilitate your contacts with institutions or the authorities in Niger.